Last updated: April 25, 2020

Quality Management System (QMS) Policy

AES is a progressive engineering company, with a mission to perfect Life Science and Biotech manufacturing worldwide. Our vision is to transform the processes and methods for production in the biotech and life science industries. 

AES recognizes that quality is an integral part of its function. AES views quality as a primary responsibility and has adopted ISO 9001:2015 as a quality management system standard. 

AES strives to continually improve its quality management system, enhance the QMS performance and effectiveness, and has committed to the following quality principles:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Company-wide engagement in quality management improvements
  • Use processes to enhance value, reduce risks, and execute more efficiently
  • Data-driven decision making and risk-based thinking
  • Fairly manage upstream and downstream relationships
  • Meet and exceed statutory, regulatory, industry, and ISO 9001:2015 requirements

AES Annual Goals and Objectives (2020) within the framework of this policy are:

  • Global Presence and Developing the Business in 2 more countries
  • OEM Product Brand Recognition
  • Increasing the Global Contracts by 200%
  • Achieving 5% Net Profit by empowering and developing the management system and reducing execution costs

The AES management will annually review the performance of the quality management system, its objectives, and policy. This policy is periodically communicated to employees and other interested parties.