About Us

AES: Your Biotech Solutions Provider

Headquartered in Oceanside, California, AES (Automated Engineering Services, Inc.) is the biotechnology industry’s rising star in optimizing R&D laboratories through full-scale manufacturing facilities.

We provide:

  • Integration solutions for new and existing facilities
  • A wide range of engineering services
  • Quality instrumentation
  • Automation software and process control systems

Our history:

Founded in 2014 by CEO Leo Castaneda, AES made a name for itself as an automation and engineering services company. Since then, AES has grown into a full-spectrum biotech solutions provider — supporting scientists and engineers worldwide with the development and manufacture of breakthrough biopharmaceuticals that improve the lives of people across the globe.

This vision began with Leo more than 20 years ago, as he worked his way through the ranks at industry-leading companies, beginning with Bristol Myers Squibb. Over the course of his professional life, Leo has seen technology and innovation continually bringing new drugs to market that have allowed many to lead fuller and longer lives. But while he’s seen great strides in the number of new drugs brought to market and the advances in technologies employed to achieve these breakthroughs, he recognizes that drug development and commercialization remains an extremely long and costly process for both manufacturers and consumers/patients.

He realized where he could make a difference, and recruited a team of experienced and highly skilled engineers to do just that: help scientists, engineers, facility managers and industry professionals streamline processes to speed research and development, as well as manufacture, at lesser cost.