AES Single Use Chromatography System

Flexible system to meet your needs

The AES chromatography skid is available as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a Distributed Control System (DCS). It provides a single-use flowpath utilizing state-of-the-art single-use sensors.

System features & benefits

  • Low shear pumps (Levitronix® or Quattroflow™) minimize potential shearing on product
  • Performs pre and post column pH, conductivity, temperature and pressure measurements
  • Calculates differential pressure across both filters and column
  • Post column optical density readings with up
    to 2 different wavelengths
  • Three flow control modes: single buffer, inline dilution (5:1), and gradient
  • Quickly adjust parameters and repeat steps
    for process testing
  • Finalize parameters and perform end-to-end
    run in a repeatable and reliable method
  • Trending and historization of all I/O
  • Alarms and Holding available for all analog inputs (pH, Condo, Temp, OD, Pressure, Flow)
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Customize to meet your needs

The AES chromatography system features three flow control modes. It is fast and easy to adjust parameters and to repeat steps for process testing. Custom tubing sets can be created to connect the skid to your preferred chromatography column and size. It is available in Rockwell PlantPAx® and Emerson DeltaV™ platforms.

YOU keep control

The control layer creates a modular system that easily integrates with an existing distributed control system (DCS) or as the start of a new site DCS. The AES Chromatography System is available in Rockwell PlantPAx® and Emerson DeltaV™ platforms.

All online adjustments, historization and system information is presented remotely through your networked computer or local HMI. Control hardware and software are 21 CFR Part 11, GMP/GLP and ISA-88 compliant to satisfy regulatory requirements. Additionally, all control software code is transparent and open source, giving you the freedom to make modifications as needed.

Skid Specifications (0.25″ Version)

Dimensions 45.72 H 26 W x 18 D, inches
Column Bed Height Range: 10-60 cm Column Inner Diameter Range: 2.5 – 8 cm
Packed Column Volume Range: 20 – 1500mL
Flow Path Sizes Choice of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 1.5 inch sizes
Inlets 8 inlets standard; up to 12 inlets possible
Outlets 6 outlets standard: 1 waste and up to 5 fractions
Pressure Up to 60 psig


DCS Rockwell PlantPAx®
Hardware protocol Ethernet/IP
Interface Windows®-based PC or HMI
Software standard ISA-88.1

Process Instrumentation

Process instrumentation specifications shown below are based on 1/4˝ tubing. Specifications for pumps, flow, and valves may vary based on tubing size.

Inlet Pumps PSGDover Quattroflow
Model: QF150SU
Flow Range: 16 – 3000 mL/min (1-180 L/hr)
Connections: ¼” TC
Pump Head: QF15DISPP
MOC: Polypropylene, TPE, EPDM
Valves Accro Model 600 Solenoid Pinch Valve
Model: 606CN-SDBN5-090-0375
Tubing Range: 0.250 – 0.375 inch OD (3.2 – 9.5mm)
Flow Sensors Pendotech Single Use Ultrasonic
Model: FM-LFS-06SU
Measuring Range: 0 – 8000 mL/min
MOC: Polypropylene
Connections: ¼” Sanitary
Pressure Sensors Pendotech Single Use Pressure Sensor
Model: PREPS-N-025
Measuring Range: -7 – 75 psi (-0.48 – 5.2 bar)
MOC: Polysulfone
Connections: ¼” Hosebarb
Air Sensor Pendotech Air in Tube Detector
Model: AD-17
Tubing Range: 3/8” OD
pH Optek pH Sensor PF12
Measuring Range: 2-12 pH
Conductivity Optek Conductivity Sensor ACF60
Measuring Range: 0-150 mS/cm
Optical Density Optek UV Sensor AF46
Wavelengths: 280/320 nm (Customizable)
Measuring Range: 0-2 CU
Path length: 2.5 mm

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. DeltaV™ is a trademark of Emerson Process Management. PlantPAx® is a registered trademark of Rockwell Automation. Levitronix® is a registered trademark of Levitronix LLC. Quattroflow is a trademark of ALMATEC Maschinenbau GmbH

AES Single Use Chromatography System Brochure

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For more information about the AES Single Use Chromatography System or to schedule a product demonstration