Custom Solutions

We offer a wide range of custom solutions for your process from outlet and tank valves, to multi-port valve blocks, and more.

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Outlet and Tank Valves

These valves offer optimal draining, as well as cleaning and sterilization in sterile applications. Tank valves are often welded to the lowest point in the base of the tank for use as outlet valves. This allows the tank to be fully drained, cleaned and sterilized. In addition to this, valves can also be fitted or welded to the tank cover, as well as fitted or welded to the tank wall. A unique sealing weir of the valve body sits very tightly against the tank wall, minimizing the dead space in the tank. The kidney-shaped design contours, so the tanks can be optimally drained, cleaned and sterilized. To ensure that the outlet or tank valve meets strict requirements of sterile applications, custom designs are also available.  For additional product information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Diaphragm Valves for Industrial Applications

Ideal for corrosive media and high temperatures, these valves provide an alternative to full metal body and plastic body valves that are not suited for these applications. Full metal body cannot be used given that the corrosive medium may attack and destroy the material. A plastic body may not be suitable because temperatures can be higher than the material allows. GEMÜ diaphragm valves provide an alternative with lined metal valve bodies that meet strict requirements in conjunction with the appropriate diaphragm material, helping to ensure a high degree of operational reliability. For additional product information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Ready-to-sterilized Valves

These gamma-sterilized single-use diaphragm valves are primarily used in sterile applications in the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries. They can also be used as control valves in sterile areas. Alongside 2/2-way valves, T bodies and angle bodies are also available. For additional product information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Stainless Steel Multi-port Valves

Ideal for sterile and hygienic processes, these custom designed multi-port valve blocks are produced from a single block of material, which eliminates internal welds. Each unit features several valve seats, allowing for fewer fittings and fewer welds. They also offer the following advantages:

  • Integration of valves, measurement and control systems in a single unit; suitable for modular system designs
  • Certificate of compliance with the order, test certificate, inspection certificate 3.1, inspection certificate 3.2 available on request
  • Draining and deadleg optimized design (low hold-up volume, small wetted area, minimal dead spaces)
  • High-grade surface finish down to Ra 0.25 µm and EHEDG-certified diaphragm seal system

For more product information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Multi-port Valve Blocks made of plastic

These blocks are made of lightweight plastic and are ideal for the chemical industry and environmental systems, as well as  water treatment and numerous industrial processes. They feature:

  • Individual, customized and flexible design
  • Compact footprint, manufactured with several valve seats from a single block of material
  • Fewer fittings, welds or solvent cemented joints minimizes leakage points
  • Lower assembly and installation costs
  • Low hold-up volume, smaller wetted area
  • Compatible with standard connections such as threaded sockets, solvent cement spigots, butt weld spigots, union ends, clamps and flanges

For more product information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Extendable Multi-port Valve Blocks made from plastic

This product connects “basic blocks” to form an extended multi-port valve block. They can be ese basic block can be connected within seconds, and without any additional piping, adhesive bonding or welding, to produce an extended multi-port valve block. Modifications to your process plant can be implemented quickly and easily. For more product information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Multi-port Valve Blocks made of high-purity plastic

These blocks are used for dosing applications in the microelectronics and semiconductor industries and for particularly corrosive media. For full product information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Sampling Systems

GEMÜ Sampling systems as well as bodies and safety valves for sterile sampling are available for ideal for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetics industries, as well as the food and beverage industry. For full product information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Valve Configurations

GEMÜ valves are available in three different configurations to help you achieve increased functionality in tight spaces:

  • Two valves welded together: W600
  • Two seats in one valve body with three pipe connections: i-bodies 
  •  Any number of seats with any number of connections: M600 multi-port valve block designs

Learn about these custom solutions by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

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