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We offer a unique approach to supporting both early-stage and established commercial manufacturers. Our fully-connected and flexible process equipment infrastructure will optimize your bioprocessing platforms, accelerate R&D efforts and reduce manufacturing costs. AES equipment is natively designed to eliminate data silos and improve data integrity allowing shorter therapeutic-to-market timelines.

AES provides what no one else does

AES is brand agnostic and offers open protocol architecture allowing customers the flexibility to use existing in-house equipment, even if it is from different manufacturers. Integration processes are designed according to the customer’s needs and infrastructure, along with recommendations for compatible consumables – a customized vs. off the shelf approach. 

  • Equipment design that supports end-to-end manufacturing facilities and processes
  • Open protocol that allows customization to fit each processes, as envisioned by you, for seamless data collection
  • Proven accelerated project completion timelines (compared to industry accepted standards) 

Our Product Offerings:

  • Bioreactors
  • Fermenters
  • Buffer Tanks
  • Recovery Systems
  • Process Filtration Systems
  • Chromatography Systems
  • Inline Dilution Systems
  • CIP Skids

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