High Shear Homogenizers | Fluid Processors 

High pressure homogenizing equipment designed to scale up from the lab through to industrial applications.

The Microfluidizer® family of high pressure homogenizers are precision-manufactured for uniform particle size reduction and repeatable results. A wide range of models is available, from benchtop laboratory models capable of processing small, investigatory samples, to pilot and production-scale models capable of handling progressively larger batch sizes. Models differ only in their characteristic batch size/flow rates, pressure ranges and motor types.

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Lab Scale High Pressure Homogenizers

Microfluidizer® laboratory homogenizers are designed for investigatory R&D to small-scale pilot batch applications. We offer a choice of models, each providing the consistency, scalability and efficiency you need from your small-scale homogenizing equipment.

Pilot Scale Homogenizers

A choice of models is available to help you bridge from R&D to production. We offer cost-effective solutions for your pilot batch production. 

Production Scale Homogenizers

The fully cGMP-compliant M-700 series includes many biopharma features that facilitate cGMP manufacturing so you can bring your drug products to market in the most efficient manner. Several designs and options are offered.

Microfluidizer® is a registered trademark of Microfluidics International Corporation.
Microfluidics™ is a trademark of Microfluidics International Corporation.

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