Microfluidizer® Production Scale Homogenizers

Processors for economical manufacturing of clinical and production batches.

The fully cGMP-compliant M-700 series includes many biopharma features that facilitate cGMP manufacturing, helping you bring drug products to market in the most efficient manner. We offer several designs with many options to fit your specific application needs.

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Production Scale M-700 Series

If you prefer an electrically-driven processor over a pneumatically-driven one, the M-110EH-30 was specifically designed for you. The unit reaches processing pressures as high as 2000 bar (30,000 psi) and is mounted on locking casters for mobility. A small volume model (M-110EH-30S) and explosion-proof model (M-110EH-30XP) are available. For additional product details and specifications, click here to visit the Microfluidics website.

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Microfluidics™ is a trademark of Microfluidics International Corporation.

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