Dissolved Oxygen, CO2 and Ozone Sensors

High performance, in-line probes for accurate measurements.

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Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

High performance optical and polarographic dissolved oxygen sensors for chemical, pharmaceutical, power, food and beverage industries and microelectronics, pure and waste water applications.

  • Lowest DO level detection from 0.1ppb to saturation.
  • Highest accuracy and minimal maintenance effort.
  • Sterilizable and able to withstand repeated CIP treatment.
  • Models available for hygienic applications.
  • Predictive diagnostics with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM)

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Dissolved CO2 Sensors

In-line dissolved CO2 measurement for optimizing production and maintaining quality in biotech, pharmaceutical and beverage production.

  • Real-time CO2 monitoring to manage fermentation.
  • Eliminate challenges and costs of grab sampling.
  • Full data traceability to support regulatory needs.
  • Built-in SIP, CIP and autoclave counter.
  • Made of FDA-compliant materials.

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Dissolved Ozone Sensors

In-line dissolved ozone (O2) sensors for process control provide reliable monitoring in pure water applications.

  • Rapid ozone response tracks sanitization processes.
  • Simple maintenance with slip-on membrane.
  • Accurate ozone measurement down to zero ppb.
  • Predictive maintenance for maximum uptime.
  • Fast start-up with Plug and Measure technology.

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Single-use Sensors for Bag Manufacturers

Gamma-sterilizable sensors in single-use format for measuring pH and DO. Designed for biotech companies that manufacture single-use bags.

  • Suitable for use in a wide range of applications.
  • Compatible with standard METTLER TOLEDO transmitters.
  • Long-term measurement stability and performance.
  • Designed for 1″ Eldon James port disc.

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