Sensor Housings and Cleaning Systems

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Stationary Process Adaptions (Housings)

METTLER TOLEDO stationary housings of the InFit range are available in a large variety of models. They allow quick and simple static installation of measurement electrodes/sensors in vessels (top- or side-entry), pipes and flow-through chambers via an appropriate adapter. Typical applications cover measurement of pH/ORP, DO, conductivity and turbidity.

  • Standard holder for sensor/electrodes with Pg 13.5 thread.
  • Models for pressurization of liquid-electrolyte electrodes.
  • Wetted parts in s/s, special alloys/metal or polymer materials to suit application conditions.
  • Versions for fully sterile/hygienic/sanitary CIP operations.

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Retractable Process Adaptions (Housings)

METTLER TOLEDO retractable housings are available in a variety of models to suit specific process and user requirements. They allow easy and safe insertion and withdrawal of electrodes/sensors without interruption of the ongoing process. Particularly suitable for processes which tend to cause sensor contamination or which run over extended periods.

  • Intelligent sensor locking system – If no sensor is installed, no action is possible, preventing unwanted operation
  • Highly efficient cleaning chamber and large bore size design ensures particle/ dirt is flushed away
  • The complete retractable housing conforms with ATEX (94 / 9 / EC) directive requirements
  • Electrode/sensor maintenance and replacement without process downtimes
  • Versions with manual or pneumatic operation, as well as automated cleaning and calibration
  • Models for fully hygienic/sterile operations for process reliability
  • Versions with integrated sensor detector for enhanced safety
  • Process-independent maintenance, replacement and cleaning/(re-)calibration of electrodes/sensors without jeopardizing process safety, sterility/hygiene

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Flow-through Process Adaptions (Housings)

METTLER TOLEDO flow-through housings are available in various basic designs for measuring points in a pipe or bypass. They allow the introduction of electrodes/sensors into the sample media, either directly or via METTLER TOLEDO InTrac or InFit housings. Choice of materials, pipe diameters and process connections are available.

  • In-line fitting for metal or plastic pipes or bypasses
  • Versions for InTrac or InFit housings or direct mounting of the electrode/sensor
  • Stainless steel and polymer versions available

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Immersion Process Adaptions (Housings)

METTLER TOLEDO immersion housings of the InDip range are designed for use in open tanks and channels. They allow the easy mounting of electrodes/sensors with Pg 13.5 thread for immersion into the sample media. They are available with different immersion depths. Wetted parts are made of robust, resistant polymer materials to withstand aggressive and abrasive applications.

  • Easy method of electrode/sensor immersion in open tanks or channels
  • Quick installment of electrodes and sensors
  • Various immersion depths

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Calibration and Cleaning Systems

The EasyClean family consists of different models, each designed to fulfill a defined program of cleaning of a measuring point, whether in a fully immersed static housing in an open tank/channel (as in wastewater treatment) or in a retractable housing installed in a closed vessel (as in chemical, pharmaceutical or food processes).

Selective to user needs, the modular design offers subsequent upgrading to include additional functions. Operation either fully automatically via the transmitter, SPC or a timer, or manually as required. The Ex-version is ATEX certified.

For more information, visit the Mettler Toledo website.

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