TOC Analyzers and Real-Time Microbial Detection

Real-time, at-line detection of microbial contamination and total organic carbon (TOC).

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7000RMS Microbial Detection Analyzer

Laser-induced fluorescence technology delivers instant detection and quantification of micro-organisms. Reduces lab measurements and increases process control.

  • High sensitivity
  • Measurement of individual cells, reported as Auto Fluorescent Unit (AFU). Limit of detection is one AFU
  • Easy to use
  • No sample preparation, staining or incubation required. Touchscreen operation
  • Configurable to requirements
  • User-defined alarm and alert thresholds
  • Real-time Microbial Detection
  • Results every two seconds

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On-line TOC Analyzers

On-line TOC analyzers provide continuous, fast and reliable monitoring of TOC levels, and help to ensure that TOC excursions will not be missed.

  • Never miss an excursion with real-time measurement
  • Ensure compliance with global pharmacopeias
  • Monitor and record TOC levels for audit compliance
  • Versatile detection from ppm to sub-ppb levels
  • Easy-to-maintain with no moving parts or solutions

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Portable TOC Analyzers

  • Proven, continuous measurement technology provides the fastest response time in a portable TOC analyzer. A valuable and convenient tool for water system diagnostics.
  • Reduce Sampling Time by 75%
  • Easy Data Capture and Analysis via USB
  • Compliant with Global Pharmacopei

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TOC Pump Module

Provides a highly stable, metered flow of process water to the TOC sensor to ensure reliable and consistent TOC measurement performance.

  • For applications where system pressure is too low to provide adequate flow through the TOC sensor
  • For low-pressure applications where system pressure may vary routinely during operation

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