AES Pump Towers

The perfect addition to your lab or bioprocess

AES pump towers can be used for liquid dosing control and as part of a control loop for acid/base additions.  The system is composed of a tower of either three or four peristaltic pumps. Each pump runs independently, delivering consistent pump speed.

Features include:

  • Choice of three or four pump models
  • Peristaltic pumps run independently
  • Two-state motor control and set point to pumps
  • Interlocking and failure alarm
  • Pump calibration
  • Ideal for dosing, base additions, anti-foam additions, Bolus feeds, PAT feeds
  • Overview
  • Tech Specs
  • Literature

Ideal for use with AES Bioreactor Cell Culture System

The AES Pump Control Module provides two-state motor control and speed setpoint to the pumps, as well as interlocking and failure alarm indication.  Each pump module connects to the physical pump for control of pump direction, speed, and start/stop.

The pump has a minimum and maximum output (0 to 100%), and can be calibrated to determine the maximum flow rate when the output is at maximum. Using the calculated flowrate, the module controls dosage amount.

Each pump can be used as a slave to a master controller. For example, the base pump can be set to Cascade mode, so that the pH controller can use it to add base, when needed.

The control modules allow you to perform an offline calibration sequence and dosing function based on the calibrated max flow rate. The dosing functions can be controlled by a set dosing speed or by a set dosing time.

AES Pump Towers are the ideal complement to your AES bioreactor and other manufacturer bioreactor brands for a complete Cell Culture System.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Height: 13.5 in
Width: 5.75 in
Depth (with the pump head): 11.75 in
Number of Pumps Three or four peristaltic pumps
Control Two state motor control
Speed Setpoint Yes
Min/Max Output 0 to 100%
Alarms Interlocking alarmand failure alarm indication


AES Pump Towers Brochure

PDF Document 551KB

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