TFF & UFDF Systems

At AES, we understand the critical importance of efficient and reliable filtration in the biopharmaceutical industry. Our filtration solutions are designed to meet our clients’ diverse needs and ensure optimal performance at every stage of their processes.

Why choose AES Filtration Solutions?

High Efficiency

Our filtration systems are engineered to provide high flux rates and superior performance, maximizing yield and productivity.


From lab-scale to production-scale, our filtration solutions can be easily scaled to meet your requirements.


Designed to seamlessly integrate with our OEM solutions, our filtration systems ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Easily Integrated Filtration Systems for a Wide Range of Applications

Our solutions are designed for easy integration into your existing processes, providing reliable and efficient filtration for a variety of applications. Whether you are in the early stages of research or scaling up to commercial manufacturing, our TFF systems offer the flexibility and performance you need.

Precision Benchtop TFF Unit

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