Aaron Ayobb

Director of Design Engineering at AES

Aaron Ayyob brings over 17 years of specialized expertise in engineering design and process optimization. His role at AES involves leading the design and development of sophisticated bioprocessing equipment, ensuring that AES remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the life sciences sector.

At AES, Aaron is pivotal in crafting advanced equipment solutions that support the company’s diverse range of biotech and pharmaceutical clients. He is adept in utilizing AutoCAD for the conceptualization and development of both new equipment and modifications to existing systems. Aaron has spearheaded significant projects, including the design and re-engineering of bioreactors for industry giants like Gilead and InHibrx, as well as the implementation and integration of complex control systems for clients such as BioMarin and Genentech. His expertise extends to instrumentation selection, ensuring seamless communication protocol design and integration with software components, which are critical to the operation and scalability of bioprocessing systems.

Before joining AES, Aaron honed his technical skills and leadership abilities at Genentech, where he held various roles in instrumentation and process engineering. His responsibilities included overseeing instrumentation service planning, supporting facility operations through audit preparations, and managing project planning for expansion projects. Aaron’s background also includes significant experience as a senior instrumentation technician, where he was responsible for the installation, calibration, and maintenance of a wide array of lab and field instruments, critical for ensuring operational excellence and compliance with stringent industry standards