Biotech Staffing Agency Services

Exceptional Talent for Your Biotech Success

Deep expertise and specialized knowledge in the biotech industry set us apart. With a team of life sciences engineers experienced in biotech, we understand and meet the unique challenges of this sector.

Expert Engineering Talent

Engineering talent spans from Engineer I to Principal Engineer levels, bringing a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. These engineers are invaluable assets to any biotech project.

AES Employee onsite as a contractor checking the bioprocessing equipment in a life sciences biotech labratory

Specialized in the Biotech & Life Sciences Industry

Proficient in a wide range of advanced technologies, our professionals excel in tackling complex automation, process engineering, and validation projects with precision and efficiency.

AES Employee wearing protective eyewear at a client site she is staffed at.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

Flexible staffing solutions are tailored to your needs. Whether you need project-based staffing, backfill positions, or scalable teams, support is available for both long-term and short-term requirements. Resources are offered in remote, hybrid, or onsite arrangements to match your operational preferences.

Tailored Staffing Solutions

At AES, we offer flexible staffing solutions to meet your evolving business needs. Whether you’re facing project-based work, seasonal demand, skill shortages, market expansion, or innovation and R&D initiatives, our staffing agency services provide the necessary expertise and support.

Project Based Work

When it comes to projects with a defined scope and timeline, rely on our staffing services. Our skilled professionals seamlessly integrate into your team, ensuring project success and timely delivery.

Seasonal Work

Manage seasonal spikes in demand effortlessly with our flexible staffing options. Scale your workforce based on fluctuations, ensuring operational efficiency year-round.

Skill Shortages

Say goodbye to recruitment hassles when filling specific skill gaps. Our staffing services offer skilled professionals in automation, process engineering, validation, and more to meet your unique requirements.

Market Expansion

Expand into new markets or launch new products seamlessly with our staffing services. Access specialists with diverse industry and technological experience for swift expansion.

Innovation and R&D

Drive innovation and achieve your objectives with specialized talent for research and development projects. Our staffing services provide access to top talent in cutting-edge technologies.

How Our Biotech Staffing Serivce Works

Finding the right talent for your biotech facility is crucial for success. Our streamlined staffing process ensures you get the most qualified professionals quickly and efficiently. 

Step 1

Staffing Request Submission & Review

Complete our form detailing your needs. We will review and confirm the details with you.

Step 2

Talent Matching

We match your needs with our pool of full-time AES biotech professionals, ensuring we're ready to ramp up quickly.

Step 3

Candidate Interviews

Interview recommended candidates to ensure they meet your technical and regulatory qualifications.

Step 4

Staffing Placement & Onboarding

We finalize the contract and onboard the selected expert to your project.

Exceptional Talent for Your Biotech Success

At AES, we’re all about delivering top-notch results and creating lasting partnerships with our clients. The numbers below tell the story of our journey in the biotech industry. They dont’t only highlight our success in biotech and life sciences staffing, but show our reliability as well as the trust our clients have in us.

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Our Expertise in Biotech Applications

Our team of skilled professionals brings extensive experience across a wide range of biotech processes. We ensure that your projects are handled by experts familiar with the specific requirements and challenges of your industry.

Antibodies & Recombinant Proteins

Vaccine Production



Cultured Foods

Biotech Manufacturing


Expertise & Core Competencies in Biotech

At AES, we bring a wealth of expertise and competencies to the table, ensuring that your projects are handled with the utmost precision and care. Our team possesses deep knowledge in critical areas such as change control, validated environments, GMP environments, GDP practices, and regulated environments, ensuring compliance and efficiency in all operations. Additionally, we understand the nuances of change controls in these environments and are adept at navigating these complexities to deliver outstanding results.

Here’s a closer look at our specialized skills and services:

Benefits to Staffing Your Projects with AES Professionals

Broad Expertise & Talent

Cost & Efficiency

Flexibility & Scalability

Compliance & Focus

Ready to Enhance Your Team?

Contact us today to learn how AES, your premier choice for biotech staffing services, can meet your unique needs and help drive your success in the life sciences industry.

"The mechanical engineer provided by AES staffing services has been invaluable. He has integrated smoothly and helped us effectively met our timelines during the lab expansion."
Project Execution Manager, CDMO

Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on our swift onboarding process. Depending on your specific needs and project requirements, our staff can often start within a few weeks.

Absolutely! When you hire multiple resources, we offer attractive discounts for teams of 10 or more to provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Our staff members hold various ISO certifications as well as platform-specific certifications relevant to their specialization, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Yes, we are committed to continuous education. We provide vendor training and professional development opportunities between projects to keep our staff up-to-date with the latest industry advancements and technologies.

We understand that staffing needs can vary greatly depending on the project complexity. Whether you require support for straightforward tasks or intricate projects, we have the expertise to tailor our staffing solutions to your specific requirements.

Yes, we specialize in assembling teams that meet the unique demands of each project. By understanding your scope and objectives, we can determine the right mix of skills and experience needed to ensure successful project execution. Our flexible staffing approach allows us to accommodate various levels of experience and expertise, from organizing documentation to developing a full architecture or library.

Yes, we provide full support for facility commissioning, qualification, and validation. Our team has extensive experience in these areas, ensuring your projects meet all regulatory and quality standards.

We offer comprehensive support for the expansion of existing facilities. We ensure seamless integration with your current operations, meeting all regulatory and quality standards to help you scale effectively.