AES Leadership Team

AES Leadership Team brings a wealth of experience from the forefront of the biotech industry, embodying our reputation for specialized expertise in bioprocessing automation and operational streamlining. Get to know our leaders whose professional paths have shaped AES into a trusted partner in the development of advanced therapies. 

Leo Castaneda

President & CEO
Get to Know Leo Castaneda

John Scott

VP of Sales and Marketing
Get to Know John Scott

Aaron Ayobb

Director of Design Engineering
Get to Know Aaron Ayobb

Amelia Barth

Marketing Manager
Get to Know Amelia Barth

Christopher Birnie

VP of Technical Solutions
Get to Know Christopher Birnie

Mark Helsel

VP of PMO Capital Projects
Get to Know Mark Helsel

Tom Connolly

Director of Process Engineering
Get to Know Tom Connolly

Kerry Batiste

Client Relations Manager
Get to Know Kerry Batiste
AES Biotech Executive Team

Pete Magill

VP of Business Operations
Get to Know Pete Magill

Jim Ball

VP of Process Engineering
Get to Know Jim Ball

Marla Shelton

Director of Validation
Get to Know Marla Shelton

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