Amelia Barth

Marketing Manager at AES

Amelia spearheads market research, develops comprehensive marketing strategies, and manages budgets to meet the company’s sales objectives. Her responsibilities include overseeing the creation of marketing materials and content, building brand awareness, and coordinating marketing projects from inception to completion. Amelia’s strategic insight and innovative approach have significantly contributed to the company’s market positioning and customer engagement, reflecting her deep passion for marketing.

At Automated Engineering Services, Amelia effectively communicates the marketing plan and collaborates closely with internal teams to develop and execute it. Her keenness to identify potential customers and manage advertising campaigns to enhance the company’s visibility and market reach is a testament to her collaborative skills. Amelia’s ability to compile comprehensive lists of the company’s offerings and her deep understanding of financial aspects, including research and development appropriations, has been pivotal in driving the company’s marketing efforts forward, showcasing her ability to work harmoniously with others.

Before joining Automated Engineering Services, Amelia was Social Media Strategist III at Global Credit Union, where she developed a nationally recognized marketing strategy that outperformed direct competitors. Amelia’s earlier roles included Marketing Manager at Huntington & Ellis and Order Management Specialist Lead at GCI Communication Corp., where she consistently demonstrated her ability to drive productivity and foster team development.