Jim Ball

Executive Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations at AES

With a robust foundation in life sciences and a deep understanding of biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing, Jim is instrumental in driving AES’s mission to bridge the gap in system integration and engineering services tailored specifically for life science operations.

In his current role at AES, Jim oversees the seamless integration of engineering solutions that span from lab-scale bioreactors and fermentors to full-scale commercial production systems. His leadership is pivotal in managing AES’s innovative product lines, including their cutting-edge rockers, pump towers, and bioreactor systems.

Jim’s expertise in operational improvement and human performance has been honed through an impressive career, including key roles at Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Lonza Biologics. At Takeda, he led a team dedicated to embedding human performance principles into operations, enhancing organizational resilience, and ensuring compliance with cGMP standards. Additionally, his work in leadership development and organizational transformation has consistently fostered high levels of employee engagement and operational excellence.

His background also includes a tenure at Genentech, where he managed large-scale manufacturing operations and was integral to the introduction and scale-up of new biopharmaceutical products. He is also a decorated US Army veteran, bringing a unique perspective on leadership and resilience to his role at AES.