John Scott

VP of Sales at AES

With over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, John brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to AES. Since joining the company in 2019, he has been instrumental in driving the growth of the AES product line and meeting annual supplier forecasts. His leadership has been pivotal in promoting the company’s innovative solutions, including rockers, pump towers, and bioreactor systems.

Before joining AES, John held various leadership positions that showcased his ability to manage and improve manufacturing operations. As Managing Director and Owner of Process Integration, Inc., he successfully represented major brands like Mettler Toledo, Microfluidics, Gemu, and Aber, achieving annual territory sales exceeding $5 million. At Ryan Herco Flow Solutions/PALL, he was responsible for a $3.5 million territory, providing technical sales support for advanced filtration products.

John’s extensive experience includes significant contributions to IDEC Pharmaceuticals, where he served as Director of Commercial Manufacturing Operations. During his tenure, he oversaw a FDA-licensed manufacturing facility, leading a team of over 60 employees and managing a multimillion-dollar budget. His efforts were crucial in the commercial manufacture of Rituxan®, significantly exceeding industry success rates and yielding $900 million of releasable product. His work also involved coordinating and leading regulatory inspections, ensuring compliance with both FDA and European standards.

His diverse background in manufacturing of biologics, quality assurance, regulatory, and sales makes him a key asset to AES. John’s commitment to operational excellence, regulatory compliance, and strategic growth continues to drive AES’s success in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.