Tom Conolly

Director of Process Engineering at AES

Tom’s primary focus is to provide comprehensive process and automation support, ensuring that production goals are met and projects are completed on time and within budget.

In his current role, Tom is responsible for developing technically and commercially viable plant automation solutions, including both hardware and software. He continually evolves working practices to improve efficiency and productivity, implements rigorous quality standards, and ensures the quality of all project deliverables. Tom also plays a crucial role in customer and sales meetings, providing technical contributions and driving productivity and risk management. 

Tom’s expertise provides process troubleshooting support for equipment and automation challenges, interfaces with clients to determine user requirements, performs proposal reviews, and provides regular project status updates. 

Before joining AES, Tom gained extensive experience in process engineering and automation through various roles, including Process Engineering Manager at SWM International – AMS, Advanced Lead Engineer-Controls Engineer at GE Aviation, Lead Manufacturing Engineer at GE Aviation, Adhesives Manufacturing Engineer at Cytec Solvay Group, and Carbon Fiber Production/Process Engineer at Cytec Industries.